On bloodied wings of steel.
<==><|I===|Kv"> RetreatRetrEATRETREATRETR-! *Fox faceplants into the ground next to the pony*

Arch chuckled as he watches the fox plummet into the ground. He had no words to this. Just his laughter.

<==><|I===|K^"< ATTAAAACK! *pounce*


Arch just steps to the side as the fox pounces, though he was rather intrigued on where he was going to land.

"I should start drinking again sometime. I miss my mead."

<==><|I===|K^"> *pounce* *fox gets snatched by an eagle mid-pounce*

"…I..didn’t expect this to happen at all."

"I hope it’s alright."

"Not really. It's not so loud that it drowns out conversation. You kind of learn to eventually ignore it."


Arch was quiet as his question was answered. Seeing as there was no topics of distraction left. Moving on to the suggested cloud would be a good idea.

"We should go then."

"Awesome! I know a cloud with a nice view of the city." She replied as her wings began to buzz faster. Causing her to hover off of the ground.

Arch opens his wings as he prepares for taking off into the skies with Haze. It wouldn’t hurt to stall her a little more before he’s actually prepared.


"Doesn’t the constant buzzing bother you when you fly?"

"Would you perhaps like to go flying?" She offered as she buzzed her wings.

"Eh..sure why not?"

He didn’t sound too keen on the idea but he went with it anyway. It’s not like he can’t fly for more than five minutes before falling like a rock.

Hopefully there are still clouds out this afternoon.

Arch does not see anyone else around. Seem she was referring to just the both of them.

That went over his head.

He came to realization of this after half a minute

"…Oh! I didn’t think about that…well, where do you propose we should go then?"

"Sounds like we need to take you out and do something then."


He was rather perplexed by those choice of words. Was she not the only one here? He looked around them to make sure he didn’t miss anyone.

She gladly accepts, and returns his affection with a hug of her own. "So what have you been up to?" She asked as she nuzzled him slightly.

Arch smiled a little as he was nuzzled normally he would’ve been icked out because of her race. But coming to terms with it along Frau. He actually was comfortable with it.

"I’ve been doing nothing, really. Just minding my business as usual."