On bloodied wings of steel.
<==><|I===|Kv"< *Slightly less noisy choking on a bug*

"…Heh." He had no clue on how to respond to this. He really didn’t.

<==><|I===|K^"< *NOISY FOX HOWLING*

'Oh gee' he thought. Looking at the fox with curiosity as it appeared yet again. He was wondering what shenanigans will ensue again.

<==><|I===|Kv"> NOOOOOOOO! *Fox runs away. The kitten follows him*


He just simply stood there, unable to think about the right course of action. He wonders what that kitten could have done.

<==><|I===|Kv"< HELP IT IS GONNA EAT ME! *A kitten approaches them*


…He didn’t really know what to do in this situation. It was just borderline weird.

<==><|I===|Kv"> HELP! *Fox tries to hide behind the pony*


The pony trotted in place with a face of confusion for quite sometime. What was this fox panicking from?

<==><|I===|K^"> Woof woof.

"Well then, do you want a treat or something?"

<==><|I===|K^"> Woof.

Arch blinked. Yet again. This was kind of out of the blue, though he seems to be fond of the Fox’s presence.

He was a cool little animal to hang out with.

*The cat takes a single step towards the fox* <==><|I===|Kv"< *TERRIFIED YELPING*

Arch watches closely as the fox advances. What was it going to do?

<==><|I===|Kv"< *ANGRY BARKING AT A CAT*

"Oh dear."

Arch just stood there and watched as the mischievous fox angers tries to scare off domestic wildlife
<==><|I===|Kv"> RetreatRetrEATRETREATRETR-! *Fox faceplants into the ground next to the pony*

Arch chuckled as he watches the fox plummet into the ground. He had no words to this. Just his laughter.